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Hello Jorge,
I'm not trying to sell you on the keeppass program,
however, it's really not that difficult to use with screen reader.

1, after downloading and installing the program on you're desktop,

2, start the program,
you need to give your data base a name, example" MyPasswords,
also, yu need to set a master password, which allows you to enter the data
base to add new passwords, or to access current data.

to add a password,
open the data base, type in the master password, press enter,
now, use the keystroke, alt+e=edit,
a=add new entry.
now, your in the window to add an entry.

hope this helps.

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Hi David,
Thank you for that link on keypass, I watched it until the third video
finish, but it looks harder to me.

I'm not ready to jump into any password manager band wagon at this time I
I been doing it the old fashion way and will improve it some more

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I just use KeepPass it's free and it's easy to use.

here's a youtube link just to give you an idea what's possible with the
in this demo, they use a portable installation.

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Hi guys. I signed up for one password. I'm having problems. For one
thing, when I typed my first name, it left the C off so it knows me as Heryl
Traub. I don't know why the C didn't type. Is there any way to fix this?

Also what is this secret key? I got told to print out my emergency kit to
get a secret key. I can't find this emergency kit. I need help. Is there
a support person to email?

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