Layout followup

Rebecca Lineberger

I just switched to laptop layout.  The caps lock key and the insert keys do not always do the same thing.  Caps lock j reads the prior line, and insert j opens the JAWS menu.  Either the caps lock key or the insert key, when used with the up arrow key will read the current line.

In my Outlook 2010, insert-a processes appointments and attachments.  Caps lock-a is a document reading command.  It reads to the bottom of the document or to the bottom of the window, depending on which cursor is active, or so key identifier says.  Smile.  In other words, it’s another say all command.   These were just random selections.

I’ll just have to play with this more.  The caps lock key, as a modifier can not be used as a sticky key, which I would miss, having been spoiled by being able to use the insert key that way.

But my point in my product suggestion was that the caps lock key should be made available in the desktop layout.  Some people might be confused when the two modifiers do not do the same thing.  In the desktop layout, they would be the same.  Again, those of us who had this option in Window-Eyes would appreciate it in JAWS.  Just saying.  And nothing wrong in asking!  Smile.

And the elves were listening on the contact us link for the quality contact form.  I got a quick reply and a reply to my response.






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