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I agree with you that the laptop configuration should be the default. I would suspect that most people on this list use the laptop computer. In fact more laptop computers are being sold these days than desk top computers. Now we know that not all laptop computers have the number pad. In that case giving them instructions to use the num pad to do a thing is no help. I suspect that back in the early days this was not true. and likely more than not the user back then was on a desktop computer. But since that is the way things were always done, they will keep doing it that way. I am sure that the powers that be will not be reading this post, but if they were this is what I would say, Hey folks, get with it, it is not  still the twentieth century. Let’s get with the twenty first century. It is time to consider the laptop the default configuration.


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I really think that laptop layout should be the default.

Nothing is lost with that setting, it only adds more functionality, and standard keyboard users would have to do nothing differently.


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I think you’re looking for the laptop keyboard layout. You’ll find this in the JAWS menu:

Insert-j for JAWS

Press enter on “Options.”

Press enter on “Basics” and tab over to the keyboard layout list.


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Subject: [jaws-users] How to change modifier key/jaws key?


Hi all, I have a netbook sized laptop that I use. The insert key is the same key as delete but when I try to do inser F6 nothing happens. I tried adding the function key but nothing happened. Is there a way I can use the caps lock key or shift key as the insert key? Where do I change this? Running Windows 10.


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