Chrome bookmarks manager

Adrian Spratt

In my previous attempt to describe how to use Chrome’s bookmarks, I mentioned that pressing F6 landed me on my IE favorites. I said I didn’t understand why, though I was happy it did. Now I know what’s happening, and it’s a nice feature.


To make this work, I’m pretty sure you need to invoke the bookmarks manager, which you can do either through the Chrome menu or by pressing control-shift-o. Once invoked, it stays even after you’ve opened and closed Chrome.


Now, when you press F6 twice, you’ll land at the beginning of a series of tabs. In my case, the first happened to be IE favorites. Lately, it’s shifted to “Apps button.” However, when I tab once, I land on my IE favorites. But then I press tab again, and I land on one of my new Chrome favorites. And so on. this makes navigating Chrome bookmarks very convenient. No need to go into the cumbersome Chrome menu.


By the way, Marie, thank you for alerting us to alt-f as a way to get right into the Chrome menu. It saves a keystroke, and these days saved keystrokes seem to me a godsend.

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