Comment On Modifier Keys

Rebecca Lineberger

Just FYI, there is a “Contact Us” link on the Freedom Scientific page.  There is a comment form with a combo box for product selection and an edit box for comments. I wasn’t sure the old email address I had for suggestions would work with the company name change and I never got a reply with that anyway.  Smile.  We’ll see if there are elves listening on the webpage for suggestions.

As a former Window-Eyes user, we had the option of using either the insert key or the caps lock key as a modifier in the Desktop layout. Even if this option is available in JAWS in the laptop layout, why should I have to change?  I haven’t played with it, so I can’t comment, but from a quick look at the keystrokes, I wonder if there might be a key conflict.  Caps lock j reads the prior word, but if the insert key, as a modifier, with the j does the same thing, I would have a conflict. I have JAWS in the system tray and use insert-j to put focus on, and open the JAWS menu.  I have the insert key set as a sticky key, which really helps.  But it would be great to have that added option of the caps lock key as a modifier in the desktop layout as I did in Window-Eyes.







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