Re: Word 2016, I can't just paste

Ann Byrne

If you are looking for the setting I think you are looking for, it is waaaaaaay down in the advanced options along with a bunch of other paste settings.

alt+f, then t, then arrow down to advanced and tab a whole bunch.

Paste should be ctrl+v, and paste special ctrl+shift+v.

Good luck!

At 05:19 PM 10/16/2018, you wrote:
Microsoft disability played around with my copy of Word 2016 yesterday, and I lost many of my settings. One problem I'd fixed in the past, thanks to someone on this list, has come back, and I can't find my note on what the fix is. Here's what's happening.

I use the paste special command as my default. After I press control-alt-v, down arrow once and press enter, the copied text should appear and that should be the end of it. Instead, Word and JAWS keep yakking at me and giving me additional options that I don't understand.

Can the person who solved this before post again? Failing that, anyone have an idea?

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