Re: Outlook and safe senders list

Brian Lee

Hello Maria,


I am quite sure it would but you can easily export the list and later import it. 


When in the list of messages use Alt H, followed by J followed by O to bring up the junk options dialog box. 

Use CTRL tab until in the Safe Sender’s page of the dialog box. 

Tab to and use the “Export to file” button.

Name the file and save it where you can find it if you later want to import the list.  It will be saved as a TXT file.  It can be opened and read like any other text file.  There will be one entry per line in the text file that is created.   

To import it later go back into the junk folder options and in the Safe Senders page there will be an “Import From File” button to use for importing the list from the file you saved.


You can likewise export and import blocked senders lists and safe recipients lists by going to the appropriate pages in the junk options dialog box and using the “Export to File” and “Import From file” buttons for those actions. 


Take care.


Brian Lee



From: [] On Behalf Of Maria Reyes
Sent: October 14, 2018 2:36 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] Outlook and safe senders list


Hi all, Will my safe senders list get deleted if I delete my Outlook account from Outlook 2016?

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