Re: USPS edit box issue.

Judy Jones

So this is a laugh, bitter/sweet.


On their site they talk about how web accessibility is ongoing and if any questions to contact them.  I press the link to contact regarding accessibility, and there is a 404 not found error message.


Talk about accessibility!





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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] USPS edit box issue.



Apparently, the Office of the Postal Inspector General is responsible for dealing with web site accessibility problems:










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The USPS is actually an independent agency of the Federal Government. What that means and how much the USPS adheres to federal regulations, I have no clue.






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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] USPS edit box issue.



Because the USPS is a government agency, aren’t they requiered by law to make their web site accessible to screen readers?  Or do they have some special exeption?  Or is the law simply not being enforced because there is nobody to force them to comply?






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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] USPS edit box issue.


Hi Judy,

I’m late to this thread I apologize. but yes yes yes yes and yes this has been a known issue since they rolled out their site redesign in May. Essentially Blind people can mail packages by paying more to use flat rate boxes but can’t use their own box and input weight manually.  I’ve been politely advocating and even screaming a little about this for 5 months and no one seems to care. Sorry I couldn’t be more positive on this one.

Take good care.




From: Judy Jones

Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2018 10:45 PM


Subject: [jaws-users] USPS edit box issue.


Hello, Glenn and others,


I tried the quick tools menu.  It expanded and I went to the click ‘n ship I needed.  However, the edit boxes for the package weight would not activate.  Bummer!


It was good for me to use Quick Tools though and know about it for in future.


But those vital boxes won’t do anything.


At work, I used to use Windows 7 as well.  I have shipped before using Windows 10 on my computer, but it sure isn’t working now.


Any other ideas?




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