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Rebecca Lineberger

I think you said that you press alt-f to open the menu.  That does, um, open the menu.  Smile.  So all you have to do is press b for bookmark.

If you press alt by itself, then you do have to arrow down to open the menu.  Both ways do the same thing so whatever way is easier.  Smile.

We’re used to pressing alt-f in IE to open the file menu.  Chrome has no traditional file menu, but maybe they were trying to make it easy for us.  Alt-f or alt.

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You are the second one today to say that you have to down arrow after the alt+f and before pressing the letter B. I never have to press the down arrow and I go right to my bookmarks. Just another of those funny quirks in the world of computer I guess.




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Here’s how I work with Chrome’s bookmarks. First, some basics.


Bookmarks are to Chrome what favorites are to Internet Explorer.


Open Chrome and go to a page, any page, such as your default homepage. Make sure that once open, the page isn’t blank. Sometimes I open Chrome to my default homepage, but nothing is there. If that’s the case, press F5 and it should appear.

Now press the alt key to open the Chrome menu. Note that this menu isn’t structured the way many of us were familiar with in the pre-ribbon days, nor is it a ribbon.

Arrow up or down once to get into the menu, then press b for bookmark. If you don’t first do this arrow keystroke, “b” doesn’t register.

You’ll land on a bookmarks submenu. Press enter.

Now you can arrow up or down through the bookmark options, including any bookmarks you’ve preset.

If you wish to import bookmarks from another browser, you’ll see that option clearly labeled.

To create a new bookmark, you don’t need to be in these menus. As with IE, press control-d on the page you want to return to. Chrome, like IE, gives you the option to edit the bookmark’s name.


Now for some pointers that work for me but that I don’t fully understand. They may not work for everyone.

First, a limitation is that imported bookmarks are kept separate from those you create with Chrome. If anyone knows how to merge all Chrome bookmarks into one convenient place, I’d love the answer.

Second, an item in the Chrome menu enables you to “show bookmarks bar.” I believe the default is unchecked; I checked it. I’m not really sure what this bar does for JAWS users, but it’s almost certainly the reason why something very useful happened after I checked this box.

When in Chrome, with the bookmarks bar checked, I can press F6 to get to my IE bookmarks. When I first open Chrome, I just need to press F6 once. After I’ve opened a page, two presses bring up this list.

I press enter, then arrow down or first-letter navigate through my imported IE bookmarks.

Why only IE bookmarks show up in the F6 is a mystery to me. However, since almost all my long-established bookmarks  are there, I’m content. Otherwise, for newly created bookmarks, I go to the Chrome menu with alt, arrow up or down once, press b, then enter, and then arrow up through the new list.


A note on my previous Chrome post.

I mentioned Chrome’s reliance on headers. I should have explained that this is the case in the “Settings” section of the Chrome menu.


I find Chrome’s menu structure clunky but workable. It was when my IE favorites started showing up with F6 that I felt I could work with it. I do a lot of online research, and there’s no doubt that Chrome gives access to more websites than the other two leading windows browsers, and also better access than most to each website once it is opened. There are exceptions, which is why I keep IE and Firefox.


Dennis, I don’t know why audio streams aren’t automatically playing for you. They do for me, unless I’ve accidentally muted my speakers or a website.


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If someone could explain how to quickly access favorites and how to auto play flash streams this would be appreciated.


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I agree that all three browsers are now needed, but I’d like to reinforce Chrome as first choice for primary browser. I was a very reluctant adopter of Chrome, as I made clear when I argued with another lister that it wasn’t completely accessible. In fact, it wasn’t at the time. After my first experiment or two with it, I went back to IE11. But IE11 works with increasingly fewer websites. Meanwhile, Chrome’s accessibility kept improving.


Firefox is a mystery to me. One moment JAWS catches up to it, the next JAWS and Firefox are incompatible. Right now, there’s one website I regularly visit that works only with the current version of Firefox. The daily video at that website can’t be found with either chrome or IE11, but its’ right there with Firefox.


Chrome works mostly like IE and Firefox. All the navigation commands work the same. The big difference is its menu structure. But once I figured out how to gain fast access to the favorites that I’d transferred over from IE, everything else was minor.


The menu structure is navigated by a combination of the alt key and h for headers. I have Mike B to thank for pointing that out. So, you press the alt key to enter the file menu. Then you press h until you find a heading that might be relevant to what you want. Then you arrow down through the options.


If I need to explain favorites, I’ll gladly do so when it isn’t so late and I don’t have a ton of other things to do.


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I have found that I need all three.

Different browsers for different pages.

Usually Chrome works well, I just don't prefer it because it is substantially different.


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What works better fire fox or chrome. Using latest jaws 2018. I was having problems reading our local paper and they suggested that I do not use I.E. but fire fox or chrome and preferably chrome. I have not installed it yet. Just wondering if it is worth trying?


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