To Access Favorites In Chrome

Rebecca Lineberger

I have Windows 10, 1809, the latest version of both JAWS and Chrome.

I find Chrome just as easy as IE, once you get used to the different menu structure.

The Favorites in Chrome are called Bookmarks.  So to access my Bookmarks:

I press the alt key to open the menu.  I find that it’s necessary to arrow down once before using shortcut keys.  So I arrow down once, then press b for bookmarks.  You can do several things at this point.  Either press enter to open it, or press right arrow instead, which does the same thing.  Arrow down to what you are looking for and press enter.

However, you can also use shortcut keys.  So after I’ve pressed b for bookmark, I press either o for other, which is where Chrome stores the bookmarks I’ve created in Chrome.  I imported my favorites from IE though, so if I want one of those instead, I press i twice till it says imported from IE.  Press enter or right arrow to open the menu. If you haven’t imported your favorites from IE, you’ll want i for import bookmarks and settings.  

If you’re using Chrome and are on a website that you want to add to your bookmarks, you do it the same way you did in IE.  Press control-d and then enter.  Before you press enter, you can edit the name.  I haven’t created a folder structure in Chrome as I did in IE, but it’s easy enough just to arrow down the list at this point to find what I want.

David Moore posted a helpful tutorial he wrote for Chrome on this list.  It’s probably on the JAWS help page too, though I didn’t check to confirm this.






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