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Cheryl Traub

I never got Chrom to work for me. I still use IE 11. Firefox hasn't worked
for me either.

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I used Chrome on the Social Security Web site, and it missed some
crucial radio buttons. As a result, I got locked out of my account.
Yet, when I went into IE to do the same thing, everything showed up.
So, go figure. We need to use all the browsers available to us. One
size does not fit all.--Matthew Chao

On 10/13/2018 9:01 AM, Dennis L wrote:
If someone could explain how to quickly access favorites and how to auto
play flash streams this would be appreciated.

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I agree that all three browsers are now needed, but I�d like to
reinforce Chrome as first choice for primary browser. I was a very
reluctant adopter of Chrome, as I made clear when I argued with another
lister that it wasn�t completely accessible. In fact, it wasn�t at the
time. After my first experiment or two with it, I went back to IE11. But
IE11 works with increasingly fewer websites. Meanwhile, Chrome�s
accessibility kept improving.

Firefox is a mystery to me. One moment JAWS catches up to it, the next
JAWS and Firefox are incompatible. Right now, there�s one website I
regularly visit that works only with the current version of Firefox. The
daily video at that website can�t be found with either chrome or IE11,
but its� right there with Firefox.

Chrome works mostly like IE and Firefox. All the navigation commands
work the same. The big difference is its menu structure. But once I
figured out how to gain fast access to the favorites that I�d
transferred over from IE, everything else was minor.

The menu structure is navigated by a combination of the alt key and h
for headers. I have Mike B to thank for pointing that out. So, you press
the alt key to enter the file menu. Then you press h until you find a
heading that might be relevant to what you want. Then you arrow down
through the options.

If I need to explain favorites, I�ll gladly do so when it isn�t so
and I don�t have a ton of other things to do.

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I have found that I need all three.

Different browsers for different pages.

Usually Chrome works well, I just don't prefer it because it is
substantially different.


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What works better fire fox or chrome. Using latest jaws 2018. I was
having problems reading our local paper and they suggested that I do not
use I.E. but fire fox or chrome and preferably chrome. I have not
installed it yet. Just wondering if it is worth trying?


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