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Glenn / Lenny

Hi Judy,
This is for the list as well as you more than ever because folks need to know about a web page change of recent.
Due to the excessive amount of information on web pages these days and also, many people using smart phones for going on-line, web pages are being condensed , and that is the case for this page.
So now we have to look for something that reads as collapsed or closed.
In this instance, you will look for
quick tools collapsed
and press the space bar, and it will open up more options, and you will get the link to track packages, and then you follow that link, and then you will have a usable edit field.
I'm using Windows 7 and IE in this case.

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From: Judy Jones
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2018 9:09 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] USPS issue.

Hi, Folks,


I have been using USPS for years to ship packages.  I get on today, only to find out that the edit fields are unavailable to weigh a package.  I’m having a little hissy-fit, because the package I am trying to mail is expected.


My question.  Has anyone else seen this problem?


To duplicate, go to, sign in, create a label, and fill in fields until you get to the package section.  I check the box for ship my own package, and a couple of edit fields appear for Pounds and Ounces, except that Jaws reports they are unavailable.


I’ve tried filling in one edit field at a time, or simply tabbing through the process withedit fields open, but it skips the weight fields.


I am using Windows 10 with Jaws 18.


Thanks for reporting back, and if you have any ideas for me, will gladly try anything.  If all else fails, I will take the package for mailing, but am so tired of this cavalaire attitude of changing sites and throwing up road blocks for people using access technology.  I know this problem will not go away, in general, but had to vent hahahaha!


Thanks much.




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