USPS issue.

Judy Jones

Hi, Folks,


I have been using USPS for years to ship packages.  I get on today, only to find out that the edit fields are unavailable to weigh a package.  I’m having a little hissy-fit, because the package I am trying to mail is expected.


My question.  Has anyone else seen this problem?


To duplicate, go to, sign in, create a label, and fill in fields until you get to the package section.  I check the box for ship my own package, and a couple of edit fields appear for Pounds and Ounces, except that Jaws reports they are unavailable.


I’ve tried filling in one edit field at a time, or simply tabbing through the process withedit fields open, but it skips the weight fields.


I am using Windows 10 with Jaws 18.


Thanks for reporting back, and if you have any ideas for me, will gladly try anything.  If all else fails, I will take the package for mailing, but am so tired of this cavalaire attitude of changing sites and throwing up road blocks for people using access technology.  I know this problem will not go away, in general, but had to vent hahahaha!


Thanks much.




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