Re: How to get the old Alt Tab dialog in Windows 10 Back


Hi Mike,

If, my memory is there:

I thought, if you remove jaws from the system tray, you will gain that extra shift tab back, that you got rid of it in the first place, when you chose to add jaws to the system tray.


And in your other inquery about removing the action center from the system tray, well if you can add you must be able to remove too.


putting the Jaws icon or  any icon on the notification area.

Windows key+I, for settings, tab one time.

Right arrow to, personalization, press enter, tab one time.

Down arrow to, Taskbar, press enter.

Tab until you hear to, Choose what icons appear on the taskbar link, press enter.

Tab across and select what icons you want on the system tray / notification bar, by selecting and checking it.

Close the window.

Now, go to the system tray and check all your system tray icons are there.





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Subject: [jaws-users] How to get the old Alt Tab dialog in Windows 10 Back


Hi All,


Running Windows 10 Pro and Jaws latest.  Rick a fellow moderator told me about this quite some time back and it works great!  I came across this, tried it and it works as advertised.  I didn't do the registry hack personally, but downloaded the program and made the change with their program.  Here's the website to hear how it works and the download link & steps are below the website URL.



To download the program click on the link below, press the letter, B for button, then up arrow a few times to the download link.



Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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