Re: JAWS 2018 and 2019 beta with Word 2016

Ann Byrne

When Word gets squirly, sometimes it helps to unload/reload with insert+windows+f4.
Good luck!

At 11:59 AM 10/12/2018, you wrote:
I reported the 2018 problem to tech support last Friday and the 2019 beta to the beta submissions page today. My OS is Windows 10.

After working with word 2016 for a very short while, JAWS stops reading by character, word or line. It does read with "say all" and with the control up/down arrow paragraph commands. I feel as though there's a clue here, but I can't figure it out. I've maximized the window and also adjusted screen resolution to the level that Mike B find works on his systems. Nothing stops this behavior.

With the 2019 beta, I don't know if this behavior persists because another problem gets in the way as soon as I start reading with "say all." Every so often, JAWS will repeat a phrase or sentence. It happens so often that it gets completely distracting, so I go back to 2018. But it doesn't take long before I'm copying documents into Notepad and even Outlook 2016 email messages just in order to do my nitpicky editing.

Any thoughts?

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