Jaws and Malwarebytes Version 3.6

Geno Stone

Mike, There is no fix from what I’ve been told. It has been with me for almost two years Both Tech support I have in Arizona, called “My computer works.” Said they can’t see on screen and when I tell them I can. Then a tech person here visually not seeing yet with my headset on hears Jaws say.. Well, he said can’t do anything a part of Malware set up, he is guessing and To a visual person, just not there so do the command for Desk-top.

Geno in Portland, Maine


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Hi All,


Running Windows 10 Pro and Jaws 18, 2018 and2019 latest.  Malwarebytes has this thing called, Malwarebytes Tray Application, it's an invisible page to the sighted eye, but Jaws detects this page that covers up the desktop as soon as MWB starts.  I have not found a way of getting rid of this page but, MWB tech support says that Jaws users they've been in contact with don't have a problem and that running the latest version of Jaws and Windows does not show this page.  Well, I disagree so, I need the help of other Jaws users!  Would anyone that uses Windows 10 & MWB 3.6 please contact me off list, or reply because if anyone has found a way of getting rid of this page it would be greatly appreciated by many Jaws / MWB users!  If you have found a way of eliminating / hiding this page, would you please explain how you did it?  All help and replies will be greatly appreciated!  Thank y'all mooy moocho.

Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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