be careful with first aid.


make backups before you run this program. i had to stop useing it because it was removeing window eyes and i had to reinstall it every time i ran first aid.
if it happens with jaws you would be in the same boat with no speech.

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From: T. Civitello
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I have installed WLM 12 on 3 different computers in recent months. A new Win
10 PC no problem. A Win 7 PC that had the Hard disk reformatted and Wiin 7
reinstalled, no problem. A Win 7 PC the history of which I am unsure, it
would not install. Sometimes it would get to 95 percent and stop. It did
give an error number that I searched for on Google. It seems as though there
were prior installations of WLM and they were blocking the installation. The
only references to WLM I could find were in the program menu on the hard
drive but deleting these had no effect. I finally down loaded a program:
"Registry First Aid", Couldn't get much out of the free version so I
purchased it. Ran it and it came up with over 300 errors. I told the program
to clean them out. WLM installed without a hitch. Tom

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From: Steve
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Ok, there are some questions I have.

It doesn't give you any specific error code?

Second, do you use a third-party firewall? If so, turn it off before
attempting to re-install.

If that doesn't work, then:

Try uninstalling Windows Live Essentials (you may have parts of your failed
installation on the system):

Next, see if these remnants still exist, and remove them:
for 32 bit

C:\Program Files\Windows Live

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Live

for 64 bit

C:\Program Files(x86)\Windows Live

C:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Windows Live

Now, try downloading Window Essentials 2012 from:

Remember, when you are going to install it, you can uncheck the different
associated boxes for the programs you do not want to install.

Take my advice, I don't use it anyway.

Lansing, MI
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Thanks for this address. When I tried to download the file using i.e. 11, i.e. smart filtering blocked it. I used Google Chrome without a problem. However. I get the same message when trying to install it.

Windows essentials 2012, preparing to install


windows essentials ... couldn't install
At 12:22 PM 7/23/2018, you wrote:

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