Re: Adding a contact in outlook




if the question is;


how to edit a contact in outlook 2016,

you can do the following;

I assume this would work also with 2013.


1, open outlook,


2, press ctrl+shift+b=addressbook,


3, now shift+tab you may hear;

more columns checked, just up arrow you will hear;

name only checked,

keep in mind here, you also could do a search of the contact you wish to edit,

shift+tab to the list of contacts,

4, once you either search, or arrow to the contact you wish to edit press enter,

now let's say you wanted to edit the email address,

so tab until you hear;

email then the address,

so, email edit then the address,


so, now ctrl+shift+right arrow to select,

now press the applications key, down arrow enter on edit contact E press enter,


now you can edit the email.

while in the edit mode you can edit the name phone number etc.



another way to add a contact to the contacts in outlook,


1, open outlook,

2, enter on a message which contact information you wish to add.

3, use the keystroke, ctrl+shift+y

you will hear something like, copy to dialog,

4, now press the letter "c" until you hear contacts, press enter,

now the information will be their,

the name, and if you tab you will see the email address.

you can add other information,

when you are finished, alt+s=save,

now, your placed back into the message.


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From: <> On Behalf Of Kate Walsh
Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2018 10:18 AM
Subject: [jaws-users] Adding a contact in outlook


Hi all,

I just upgraded my computer to JAWS 2018 and outlook 2016.

Sorry if this has already been asked but I need to know how to add and change address in my contacts.

I would appreciate any help because I’ve tried and it’s not letting me add or change the email address.

Thanks in advance.

Kate Walsh

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