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Rebecca Lineberger


I’ve been playing with suggested contacts.  There’s no way that I could find to merge the two lists.  Mostly what I’m doing in Suggested Contacts is weeding out all the names I don’t want. If I did want an email address, I would just copy the address then go to my contacts list and enter all the fields and then paste in the email address. I usually keep a list of all my contacts in Word or WordPad, so that I will have them when upgrading to a new system.  I tend to enter information by hand, so that everything is exactly as I want it.  Tedious, and perhaps not what you were looking for.  Smile.   

As I said, I don’t have 2016 or 365, so I can’t see if my program is doing what yours is.  If moving between contacts is difficult, I would contact JAWS tech support.  As I said, in 2010, my left and right arrow keys plus first letter navigation let me move through my list.  I should think that JAWS should work out of the box in 2016 and 365 with the default view.  I assume you’ve checked to see if the screen is maximized?  Or perhaps I’m not understanding what you are unable to do vs. what you want to do?  Smile.             

Also, I go to Contacts with control 3, rather than searching with control-shift-b for the address book.


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Thanks, David. This explains how to edit one contact at a time. I was hoping for the ability to edit the entire contacts list the way you would a text document. The method I described earlier is the closest I’ve found for doing so. What now interests me is whether suggested contacts and the contacts list can be merged. I’m using Outlook 2016.


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if the question is;


how to edit a contact in outlook 2016,

you can do the following;

I assume this would work also with 2013.


1, open outlook,


2, press ctrl+shift+b=addressbook,


3, now shift+tab you may hear;

more columns checked, just up arrow you will hear;

name only checked,

keep in mind here, you also could do a search of the contact you wish to edit,

shift+tab to the list of contacts,

4, once you either search, or arrow to the contact you wish to edit press enter,

now let's say you wanted to edit the email address,

so tab until you hear;

email then the address,

so, email edit then the address,


so, now ctrl+shift+right arrow to select,

now press the applications key, down arrow enter on edit contact E press enter,


now you can edit the email.

while in the edit mode you can edit the name phone number etc.




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Hi, Rebecca. I tried out this suggestion, but I didn’t find it helpful. I do appreciate your effort to look into it. However, there is something you might know the answer to. You made a reference recently to “suggested contacts.” Have you merged your suggested contacts with your contacts list? If so, how did you do it? I’ll keep in mind that we have different versions of Outlook.


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I have 2010, so can’t test these instructions that I found from Microsoft.  My 2010 just says card view when I go to contacts and I can right arrow through the list to view names.

Here’s what Microsoft said in answer to a question.  I hope it’s helpful.


Outlook 2016 Contacts Default View

How do you set the default view for Contacts in Outlook 2016? I have a user who is used to the Business Card view, but there isn't any obvious way to make

that the default view. He has to click the Business Card icon in the View section of the ribbon every time. There isn't any obvious way to set Business

Cards as the default view. 

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list of 2 items

Microsoft Agent|


list end




Each Outlook folder, such as Inbox and Calendar, displays the items in a layout called a View. Each folder has several predefined views that you can choose

from, or you can create custom views. Please follow the steps below on how to change the Contacts default view in Outlook. Kindly confirm if the steps

will work on your end:


list of 5 items

1. Click Address Book.

2. In the address book, click the Tools menu and then click Options to load the addressing options.

3. Select Start with contact folders or select Custom and rearrange the order of contacts as required.

4. Use the pull-down menu to select the contact list that you want to be displayed as the default when the address book is opened.

5. Click OK.

list end


If it doesn't work, click public contact folder, click View > Change View > Manage Views. In Manage All Views window, click Business Card > Apply View.


Let us know if the suggested steps will help resolve the issue.


Thank you.


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Thanks for your detailed response, and again to Robert and Jorge. I should figure out how to isolate entries to a line, as Robert and you suggest can be done.


Meanwhile, I continued working with Jorge’s suggestions and developed the following method, in case anyone is interested. Again, I’m have Outlook 2016.


Open the contacts list.

Select all, then copy and paste the result to Word.

Go through the Word list for outdated entries, errors and duplications.

Each time a change is required, alt-tab to the Outlook contacts list.

Locate the entry.

Here’s where the alt-enter properties command helps. On my system, more than one contact can appear on a line. However, when I press alt-enter, one contact is isolated.

Press escape to get out of properties. The entry remains on a single line.

Press the applications key, arrow down to “Edit,” press enter and then tab to make any corrections.

Press escape and press enter on the “save” confirm button.

There’s no need to go through this dialog if the entry just needs deleting. In that case once the entry is separated on its own line, press the delete key.


Once I finished making revisions, I pressed control-1 on the number row to return to the folders list, then pressed control-3 to go back into contacts. I selected all again, and pasted the new copy into Word. Now I have a text copy I can refer to in the future. It’s three pages shorter than its predecessor. I love getting rid of needless stuff.


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Using Outlook 2007 here. The only view I found easy to use is the "Detailed Address List". I've customized that view so that I have the information on a single line, and with the most relevant showing (name, address, phone, email). I doubt that editing in Notepad and pasting will work. The entry/edit process uses a pop up dialog that you need to tab through.


Having said that, you can export your contacts to a MS-Excel 97 format file and I suspect you can do a lot of faster editing there. Keep only those contacts that you actually change and save the Excel file. Then use the "import from a file" function to bring those changed items back. I suggest you select "allow duplicates" or some of those changes may not import, depending on what parts you change. Then in your contacts list, just delete the older versions of the contacts.


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I find the contacts list in Outlook hard to read and edit with JAWS. I just now experimented by making a copy of the entire Outlook contacts folder and pasting it into Notepad. Now I can read it easily, and I see it needs some editing.


Here’s my question: Can I copy a Notepad file with my revised contacts list into Outlook’s contact folder? Will it completely replace Outlook’s existing folder, and if so, will Outlook work with it?



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