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Using Outlook 2007 here. The only view I found easy to use is the "Detailed Address List". I've customized that view so that I have the information on a single line, and with the most relevant showing (name, address, phone, email). I doubt that editing in Notepad and pasting will work. The entry/edit process uses a pop up dialog that you need to tab through.
Having said that, you can export your contacts to a MS-Excel 97 format file and I suspect you can do a lot of faster editing there. Keep only those contacts that you actually change and save the Excel file. Then use the "import from a file" function to bring those changed items back. I suggest you select "allow duplicates" or some of those changes may not import, depending on what parts you change. Then in your contacts list, just delete the older versions of the contacts.
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I find the contacts list in Outlook hard to read and edit with JAWS. I just now experimented by making a copy of the entire Outlook contacts folder and pasting it into Notepad. Now I can read it easily, and I see it needs some editing.


Here’s my question: Can I copy a Notepad file with my revised contacts list into Outlook’s contact folder? Will it completely replace Outlook’s existing folder, and if so, will Outlook work with it?



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