Re: JAWS and Outlook 2016 contacts folder

Adrian Spratt

Thanks, Jorge. But though I’ve tried several ways of following your steps after pressing shift-control-b, I can get only one contact at a time. It’s unwieldy.


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Open the address book press control shift B, or try the alt period command, and press alt enter and press the tab key and you can start re-editing the contact, keep on tabbing to the email edit . . .

and make your changes and press alt S to save.


Or, hightlight a contact and press the content menu and arrow to delete-enter, must confirm the deletion press spacebar.

Or select properties-enter from the content menu. and make your changes and save






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I am not brave enough to try what you are proposing, and I would not think it would work, as Outlook uses essentially a table for all the information.  In your situation, I would use the notepad file as a reference and then go into each contact to edit it.  If it’s helpful, I have my Outlook Contacts set to Business Card view.  You can arrow through the contacts and use first letter navigation to jump to the first contact starting with that letter.  In Business Card view. Hit enter on the card you want to edit, and tab through the fields.   I did not have much luck with list view in the past using Window Eyes, but maybe others have suggestions on their preference methods.




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Subject: [jaws-users] JAWS and Outlook 2016 contacts folder


I find the contacts list in Outlook hard to read and edit with JAWS. I just now experimented by making a copy of the entire Outlook contacts folder and pasting it into Notepad. Now I can read it easily, and I see it needs some editing.


Here’s my question: Can I copy a Notepad file with my revised contacts list into Outlook’s contact folder? Will it completely replace Outlook’s existing folder, and if so, will Outlook work with it?



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