Re: Computer with credit card reader.


what’s the name of the card reader you use shane?

Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2018 12:49 AM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Computer with credit card reader.
What type of card reader are we talking about? Is it something about half a hand width or is it one of those jobs with the chip, touch screen, and keypad? I've got the half hand width job and it is accessible. You plug it in via USB and it basically acts like a keyboard. And here's why I have one.
When I get a new credit card, I want 3 things off of it. I'm looking for the card number, expiration date, and name on the card. One item I know, the other 2 I don't. So I plug the card reader into an available USB port, pop open notepad, then scan the card. Something like this pops up after the card is scanned.
%B3820194571100334%Smush, Bubba R%1225%83295021113556
The %B designates this as a bank,  the numbers after that is usually the credit card number. Then there is a percent sign followed by last name, first name, then middle initial if present. After the next percent sign is the expiration date, in this case 12/2025. The rest is numbers which probably have meaning to the bank, but not to you or me.
All  that to say that they most certainly can be accessible. I'd be more concerned about the software used to run the thing. Is it a web interface or proprietary software developed by the business for their specialty? If it's a web interface, who are they using as their credit card processor? Is  the card processor's web site accessible?
If proprietary software is being used, has anyone looked at it to see if it will work with Jaws, or any other screen reader? If not, is the business open to having someone evaluate the software? Are they open to making some changes if need be?
Lots of questions here but you need these answers in order to make an informed decision. Hope this helps.


On 9/28/2018 6:28 PM, Judy Jones wrote:

Hello, Folks,


I went for a job interview, where they stated I would have to take credit card transactions via a card reader from the PC.  The PC is running Windows 10, but I don’t know the card reader.


Has anyone experienced using anything similar, and would like to hear pros and cons, accessible or not, etc.


Thanks very much.


BTW, the only programs I would have to work in are Outlook and Skype for contacting other departments.






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