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chris judge

Using windows 10. It's not creating the log file that didn't work for me,
just the process, going to the c drive and pressing altF followed by WT. I
opened a document in notepad the old fashion way, typed .Log at the top,
then saved it. It works great. Thanks for the tip. I wish I knew this years

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what operating system are you using? I may need to try this with windows 10
to see if it works the same as previous versions of windows. if you press
windows key plus r and type in notepad and press enter, notepad should open
with a blank document. here you can type in


on the first line and then save the file. I believe the default location is
my documents. the reason I mentioned placing the saved file from the c:
drive to the desktop so it would be easy to find and open for adding notes.

Legend has it that on Tuesday 9/25/2018 03:31 AM, chris judge said:
Hi. This is a great tip. I tried it, but when I pressed alt F, followed
by W, followed by T, I just got a tone, nothing happened.

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to create a log file that will insert the date and time and place you
on the next line when you open the file is very simple. go to the
computer or this pc icon on your desktop and press enter. now, look for
your c: drive and press enter again. now, press alt+f then w then t for
text document and press enter. the default name will be new text
document.txt. go ahead and press enter to create that empty file. now,
press enter on that file name.
notepad should open the file for you. you should be at the top of the file.


notice the word LOG is in all enter and then press ctrl+s
to save the file. now press alt+f4 to close the file.the file name
should still be selected. press ctrl+c to copy the file to the
clipboard and now, press windows key plus m to move to the desktop and
now press ctrl+v to paste the file on to your desktop. once the new
text document.txt file is on your desktop, you can remane it to
something like messages.txt. now, to log a message, simply find the
file on your desktop by pressing the first letter of the file name and
once on the one you want to open, press enter. notepad will open the
file, insert a blank line and the time and date and place you on the
line under the time and date ready for you to type in the phone
message.once you are done entering the phone message, simply close the
the file with alt+f4. you will be asked if you want to save the changes
you will answer yes. Of course, you can also simply press
ctrl+s then alt+f4 to close the file. when the next time you need to
enter another message, simply open the same file and notepad will do
the same again adding the a blank line and time date for you and you
are ready to enter the next message. hope this is something you can use.

Legend has it that on Monday 9/24/2018 11:38 AM,
Morning all.

Can anyone tell me of an accessible program for taking telephone
messages? Perhaps I am making something like this too complicated.
Using JAWS 2018 with Windows 10 on a Dell laptop. Thanks.



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