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Rebecca Lineberger

Without knowing what you want to do, you can try this:

Go to the desktop or to Documents.  JAWS will tell you whether the item you’re on is selected or not.  If it says, selected,

press control-space bar and JAWS will say unselected.

Press the context menu key for a list of options.



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Sandy, If you have a mouse or working touch pad, you can focus on the desktop and move the mouse a bit.

Jaws has a way for the mouse point to speak objects under the pointer, and it is off by default.

It is on by default with NVDA, and most low-vision people like it to speak when they move the mouse pointer over an icon.

But this feature would let you know when you are not over an icon.


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how do I find a blank space on my laptop monitor using jaws? jaws 17

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