Re: Previous CAPTCHA Inquiry

Judy Jones

You're right, I just got off a site like that.


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Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Previous CAPTCHA Inquiry

This "I am not a robot" check box is not always accessible with JAWS.
Sometimes, when you hit the Space bar to check it, JAWS does not announce
that it has been checked, and there is no way to determine whether it is
actually checked or unchecked. And sometimes, no matter what you do- hit
the space bar or enter key or perform a mouse click, you cannot check this
box, and so, this alternative can be just as frustrating as an unsolvable


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From: Judy Jones
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 2:18 PM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Previous CAPTCHA Inquiry

The "I am not a robot," is just a checkbox. I wish every site would do that
for sure!

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From: ely.r@...
Date: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 10:25 am
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Previous CAPTCHA Inquiry

I never thought to check to see if there is visible text on the "I am not
a robot." Next time I run into one, I will check and post. How cool would
it be if that were the case and only screen reader users would know about

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Judy Jones
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 12:20 PM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Previous CAPTCHA Inquiry

I've seen some sites recently that simply have a checkbox you check that
says "I'm not a robot."

Even with some of the funny squiggly print in captchas, sighted folks have
difficulty with them.


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Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 7:38 AM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Previous CAPTCHA Inquiry

Morning all,
OCR has come a very long way since I used the first Kurtz while reader in
the mid-80s, but it has its limitations. CAPTCHAs are created specifically
to be unidentifiable by OCR systems. Though at times, OCR can convert
these, if there was a much better rate of success doing that, you can bet
that the designers of CAPTCHAs would work at making even nastier ones. The
auditory CAPTCHA can often be useless especially for folks like me who
also have a hearing loss.

A few times, I have encountered auditory CAPTCHAs with none of the
background noise one usually finds. This other form speaks a simple
problem or question to which the human provides an answer. There well may
be ways of defeating that approach, but it would seem to be an alternative
with potential. Given the numbers of visually impaired elder boomers in my
generation who will develop vision loss, I hope that other methods will be

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JM Casey
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 9:47 AM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Previous Captia Inquiry

You can sometimes read the text of an image posted on facebook. Here's
what I've started to do.
Open the image in "full size". This means it basically has its own browser
Save the .jpg.
Recognise with jAWS.
It sometimes works.
I've only been using jAWS 2018 for about a week, but I noticed the oCR is
much improved from JAWS 18. It's still not of a high standard, but I can
get intelligible text from an image at least some of the time.

Of course, a lot of things can interfere with oCR. The other day someone
posted an image of a vintage horror/sci-fi movie on facebook. I did the
usual oCR trick and ended up with something like "vewiuroapeiy v b r mst r

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Dennis L
Sent: September 19, 2018 9:34 AM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Previous Captia Inquiry

I agree. I hope with adding more OCR that will be possible as well as
reading the text of images posted on things like face book.

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Behalf Of chris judge
Sent: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 6:43 AM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Previous Captia Inquiry

Yes it would, now that would be a feature worth paying for.

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Maria Campbell
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 4:56 PM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Previous Captia Inquiry

So let us suggest it again.
Eric, how about a captcha-reading capability within Jaws. That would be
nice. Thank you.

Maria Campbell

"Preach the Gospel, and when necessary use words!"
-St. Francis

On 9/18/2018 3:49 PM, Steve wrote:
I used Webvisum a couple weeks ago, but I don't think it works with
anything above Firefox 52.
I can never seem to get any relevant response from them on their website,
so I suspect once that version of Firefox is gone, we're going to have to
use something like Rumola or one of the other Captcha solutions, for those
sites that don't provide an alternative; or whose alternative audio is so
garbled as to be useless.

I suggested to Mr. Damery a few years ago that a captcha-reading
capability within Jaws would be nice, but to no avail.

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From: JM Casey
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 3:41 PM
Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Previous Captia Inquiry

I've never had success with Webvism and the add-on is not supported
anymore anyway, so I'm not going to suggest that.
To be honest I've never successfully solved this problem without sighted
assistance, if there is no audio option.
Sometimes even when there is an audio option, it's too garbled to make
much sense of and the result Is long minutes of frustration and tedium.
But it seems like the audio ones are actually getting better, as a rule.

There are other solving tools for the visual ones. I believe most of them
charge a small fee for use and I have never tried.
Maybe look for something called Rumola. I believe it's an add-on for

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Sent: September 18, 2018 8:13 AM
To: jaws-users-list <>
Subject: [jaws-users] Previous Captia Inquiry

Morning all.

I believe that this subject has been approached before, but my sometimers
is in high gear today.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to deal with captias on a
website. I am applying for a job, and the registration site has a captia
at the beginning of the site. Using JAWS 2018 and Windows 10 on a Dell
laptop. Thanks in advance.


this, then you can bet the companies that design Captia would work harder
a making them indecipherable.
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