Re: The Dell computer doesn't have a right-windows key.

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Do you mean the applications key?

The right windows key does the same thing as the left windows key – that is, open cortana/start/search box.

To get the functions of the applications key (which sometimes can be reached by right-clicking, but not always), try shift-f10.

I know some laptops have the function keys mapped to do other things, so you’ll have to make sure you have regular access to those first. I think this is what the “fn” key is usually for, but maybe see particular instructions on your laptop model.




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Sent: September 19, 2018 12:09 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] The Dell computer doesn't have a right-windows key.


One of the computers we now have is a Dell, and this laptop does not have a right-windows button.  I’ve tried the right-mouse button, hoping to come up with the same options, but they are not the same.  For instance, to make a shortcut key to an app on the desktop, I have always right-clicked with the right-windows button, gon into Properties, and the Shortcut Key tab.  However, the right-mouse button on this dell does not get me to the properties.


So I guess I’m asking two questions.  1) What is the equivalent of the right-windows button on this Dell, and how can I creat shortcut keys on the desktop without right-clicking.  Again, the right-mouse button does not offer the same options.


Thanks very much.




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