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Sadam Ahmed

I've just finished catching up on this thread and wanted to chime in with my own impressions.

I installed the beta on the office PC and thus far very happy with how responsive Jfw is specially when browsing the web.

Even dealing with lots of email in Thunderbird is greatly improved.

In my experience, from time to time under version 2018 if I moved up and down in the list of messages, speech would hang occasionally. 

Those are the 2 examples that come to mind.

The release notes mention greater responsiveness in office, which I'm looking forward to trying out, both via  speech, and braille.   

Finally, I am not having any issues regarding announcement of a background Window.

Running Windows 10 (OS Build 17134.285).

No Vipre software.


Sadam Ahmed
On 9/19/2018 8:49 PM, george b wrote:

Which version of viper do you chris?


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Mine took that long as well under Windows 10.


I had Vipre Antivirus active at the time, not sure if that would make a difference.


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I hat only problem that installation on t450 lenovo with 8 giga ram and SSD in win 7 pro 64 bit taken about 35, 45 minutes.
This I will report to VFO as a bug don't understand why so long because Jaws 2018 and 18 was installed there was not necessary install ocr or it was updated as well?


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"Rose" ---18.09.2018 18:18:14---So far I am not having that problem but faster download did not happen and loading faster so far is

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So far I am not having that problem but faster download did not happen and loading faster so far is not happening.

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[jaws-users] JAWS 2019 Initial Thoughts

Hi friends,

Just downloaded the initial version.
I Am having some feedback from what would seem to be a background window e.g. when I am in Microsoft Outlook 2016 opening messages etc, JAWS seems to keep saying JAWS For Windows for some reason.
It also doesn’t read the automatic email address suggestions when you are typing a new message, in the to box.
Not sure if anyone else has found any similar issues?


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