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chris judge

Is capcha be gone no longer an option?


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Webvism does not work with any Quantum version of Firefox, which at this point, is pretty much what everyone should be using.

Of course you could install a portable older version of firefox and run it on there as a backup just to solve capchas, which I have heard some people are doing.

However I never succeeded in getting Wibvism to work, in any way, with any version of Firefox. I think it’s days are over. Someone on another list called it “abandonware” and indeed, whoever developed it seems to have left the project in the dust.




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Last time I checked, Web visum isn't working with Firefox anymore.  Has this changed in the last six months or so?  I remember that it was working and then stopped again.


On 9/19/2018 7:05 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:


I don’t think Webvisum relies on live human operators to solve captchas.  My understanding is that this add-on uses a proprietary algorithm to solve captchas, which explains why it doesn’t always work.






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Hi Maria,


I think the answer to your below question is that captchas are solved by real human beings who are sitting somewhere and providing the necessary information to you via the particular application that is being used, e.g., WebVisum). To the best of my knowledge, the particular information that is contained within the captcha cannot, as yet, be understood by a machine. If this were possible, Doctor Turing's method of circumventing machine identification of purposely weird-looking letters and numbers would be rendered absolutely pointless, and the captcha would have no inherent value.


As the old saying goes, "one rotten apple at the bottom of the barrel spoils the whole barrel", and we innocents who are undeserving of the precautions that are taken against such wicked perversity are made to pay dearly for it. Oh, how I wish this miserable situation were not the case in the real world, but it seems as though we must continue to suffer!


On Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 3:30:48 PM CDT, Maria Campbell <lucky1inct@...> wrote:



If Webbisum could do it, when it worked, why not VFO?


Maria Campbell
"Preach the Gospel, and when necessary use words!"
--St. Francis

On 9/18/2018 4:28 PM, Andy wrote:

There might be some legal concerns regarding FS implementing technology to circumvent a security measure.




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I have had no end of success with Webvisum and Firefox.


In fact, I haven’t updated my Firefox in so long because I'm reading posts the Webvisum plug-in doesn’t work with newer versions of Firefox, but I don’t really mind much since I solely use it for CAPTCHA solving in any case, but yet.  Out of all the years I’ve been using the add-on, I’ve only failed to solve the CAPTCHA twice, and in each instance, it asked me to resubmit and the CAPTCHA was solved on the second try.


So, again, I’ve no idea why people rag on Webvisum so much.  Like I said, I’ve had nothing but success with it.




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I’ve never had success with Webvism and the add-on is not supported anymore anyway, so I’m not going to suggest that.

To be honest I’ve never successfully solved this problem without sighted assistance, if there is no audio option.

Sometimes even when there is an audio option, it’s too garbled to make much sense of and the result Is long minutes of frustration and tedium.

But it seems like the audio ones are actually getting better, as a rule.


There are other solving tools for the visual ones. I believe most of them charge a small fee for use and I have  never tried.

Maybe look for something called Rumola. I believe it’s an add-on for Chrome.





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Morning all.


I believe that this subject has been approached before, but my sometimers is in high gear today.


Can anyone give me some suggestions on how to deal with captias on a website. I am applying for a job, and the registration site has a captia at the beginning of the site. Using JAWS 2018 and Windows 10 on a Dell laptop. Thanks in advance.





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