jaws 2019 first impressions

Marvin Hunkin

Hi. it took me 10 minutes think to install jaws, and took 2 minutes to download. Got a fast connection, and it is a lot snappier with the vocaliser voices, and using kate. I did report a bug to vfo, report any bugs. On http://www.groups.io, if I try to search for a group, does not show up, but if I turn off the virtual cursur in google chrome, then search, then turn back on the virtual cursur, then the correct results are displayed. And apart from that, reading fine, no other issues, and no background message window and got outlook 2016 32 bit pro on a windows 10 toshiba satellite pro c-50-a running windows 10 64 bit pro 1803.


Virus-free. www.avast.com

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