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Matthew Chao

Hi, Matt. Getting there, getting there <grin>. I used to be (and sometimes still am) a Window-Eyes user. While it hads its faults, in many ways it's much more efficient to use and change.--Matt (the other)

On 9/18/2018 4:26 PM, matthew dyer wrote:
Lets try this. Go to the settings center with JAWS+6 on the number row.
Now press ctrl+shift+D to load the default settings.
Now type manage in the search box and manage key lable show up in the results. Arrow down to manage key lables. From there you should be able to select what kkeys you want spoken and what you don't. When your done just tab to ok and press enter. HTH.
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Hi, Again, Rebecca. See what I mean about too many keystrokes? Could
be a lot more efficient. Thanks for the info, though. Too much noise
with all those keys spoken.--Matt.
On 9/17/2018 4:06 PM, Rebecca Lineberger wrote:
Press JAWS-f2.
For Run JAWS Manager.
Press s (as in Sam) twice for
Settings Center.
Press enter.
Shift tab back once and press home for default all applications, or press
In the search edit box, type
K e y b (no spaces when you type)
That should be enough of the word keyboard to display the results.
There should be five results.
Arrow down to keyboard
And press enter.
JAWS says, Keyboard, closed
Press right arrow to open it.
Arrow down to
General. Closed,
And press right arrow to open it.
Arrow down to
Manage key labels.
Press the space bar. If you press enter, it will throw you out!
Press t for tab. JAWS should tell you that the tab speaks. Tab once and
press the space bar to mute the tab key.
Press r for return and tab once and press the space bar to mute the enter
I did not mute the function keys but you can arrow through the 84 items and
mute what you choose.
It will say that the shift key speaks, but mine does not
When you’re done, tab to ok and press enter. Tab to ok again and press
I hope I’ve got all this straight! LOL.

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Hi, Rebecca. I want to do exactly what you did. I'm a Window-Eyes user,
and use JAWS kicking and screaming. I don't like all the keys spoken, and
have not been able to silence them all. How do I do that in the fewest
possible keystrokes? Thanks in advance.--Matthew Chao

On 9/17/2018 1:39 PM, Rebecca Lineberger wrote:
Since the tab key will be silent in JAWS 2019, I decided to turn it
off in my current 2018.

Muting the tab key also mutes the shift, control and alt keys.� I
also muted the return or enter key.� Window-Eyes users will
appreciate this configuration since these keys were all muted in

When I switched to JAWS, I left JAWS as it was since I felt it would
give me confirmation in learning the different keyboard commands, but
now that I�ve turned them off, I appreciate the silence.� Smile.

I just pressed alt-f7 to spell-check this message, and JAWS spoke both
keys.� It does not say alt when the key is pressed alone, nor when
alt is pressed with the tab key.

I imagine that if I muted the function keys, then the spell-check
message would just read without any key confirmation.

Just FYI and something to play with.� Smile.


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