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Sharon S

Hi, I have just tried this with my jaws rule but when I hit apply I get an error message. It is something about the server not being able to do the task or something like that. So I ended up not doing this but if anyone else tries and gets it working I would love to hear from you. When I have more time I might try again but at the moment I have way too many emails to sort out to be playing around with sounds.


From Shaz.



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For clarification for all of us, a rule can be created to make a sound when particular kinds of messages come in.  So, it’s not that we are assigning a sound when a message is moved into a particular folder but rather that a sound is played when a particular message arrives, regardless of where that message is subsequently placed.  I think that was the confusion for many of us.  As one person noted, and I just checked, there are many options that can be applied to, say, the Jaws users list messages that come in.  Most of us will likely just have them routed to a particular folder, but sighted people might also apply a certain color, flag or whatever.  So, feasibly, you can assign a barking dog sound to messages about dogs and a different sound to messages from the JAWS list. 







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That would be a cool feature, but I don't think you can have it make a different sound for different folders.

I believe the only sound that is configurable is the new mail sound.


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Ok, smiles

I have a sound for my inbox, but I want another sound when I get email from jaws user list, so I would know witch folder to check.

I have 3 folders that get emails, so I need to know how to get to the sound checkbox when I make the rule to move my jaws email to its own folder.

I hope I said this right.




You can do that in mail settings.

I'm using the old AOL sound of someone saying

You've Got Mail!

So your sounds will be in c:\windows\media

There will probably be sub folders there containing different themes.

If you can not find the brows button, you can go about it the other way.

You can go to the folder I mentioned before, and find the mail sound, and copy the file name, or remember what it is, and rename the original, and rename the one you want to the one that was used before.



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From: patti

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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] outlook rules


I want to put a different sound from what I have for my inbox.



I am trying to think what you could be asking for.  When you have a rule set up, the message does not really land in your inbox and then get moved to your folder in such a way that there would be a sound.  You would likely just hear the new message sound of a message arriving.  I do not have this sound turned on, so I’m not positive, but I would think the new message sound would alert you, even if the message is going directly into your folder based on a rule you have set up.


Alternatively, you could be asking about the Office Sounds, which is found under the File menu in Options and then under the Ease of Access group.  This turns on a whole host of sound effects in all Office programs. 





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Ok thank you, but how do I get to the sounds, because I want a sound when it goes into the new folder?



Hi Patti,

Here are the instructions to make folders in Outlook.

Mr. Ed

How to create a new folder in Outlook 2010 and 2016 by Jim and Ed 

Here is how to create a folder and make emails go into a certain folder in outlook.

This is just the simplest way I have seen to make a folder and cause the directed emails to go into it.

Using Outlook 2016or 2010 and Jaws.

For example, making a folder for the Jaws users list or making a folder for the Windows 10 and Jaws Yahoo group.

1. Be on the email account you wish to add a folder to.

For example: *******, the *** standing for your name followed by the email address.

Highlight that account folder, press the applications key while on it.

2. Go down to: New Folder... press enter.

3. Type in the folder name, press enter.

The new folder is created.

4. Go into the inbox of the account you have added the new folder to.

5. Arrow down and highlight the email you wish to put into this folder.

For example: Jaws users list or the Windows 10 and Jaws list.

6. Press the applications key.

7. Arrow down to Rules sub menu, press the right arrow key one time.

8. Press enter on: Always move messages from***followed by the name of the group or person for this folder.

9. Arrow up and down through the list of folders in this tree view, find the new folder, press enter.

10. All the emails for now on that you have selected, either a list, group, or personal email, from these choices will always go into this new folder.

Remember while in the tree view of folders, right arrow key, expands a folder account, and left arrow closes the list of folders for that account.

This also works in Outlook 2010.

This is a much easier way of doing rules for the outlook email client.

Good luck...








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Hey Sharon,

You said, Setting up message rules are quick and easy and I have them set for all my lists.

Can you give me the steps?

I’m running MS 2010, jaws 18, and outlook.

Thanks Patti





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