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Glenn / Lenny

I will be changing that back to having it speak.

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Sent: Monday, September 17, 2018 12:39 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] Key label Mute

Since the tab key will be silent in JAWS 2019, I decided to turn it off in my current 2018.

Muting the tab key also mutes the shift, control and alt keys.  I also muted the return or enter key.  Window-Eyes users will appreciate this configuration since these keys were all muted in Window-Eyes.

When I switched to JAWS, I left JAWS as it was since I felt it would give me confirmation in learning the different keyboard commands, but now that I’ve turned them off, I appreciate the silence.  Smile.

I just pressed alt-f7 to spell-check this message, and JAWS spoke both keys.  It does not say alt when the key is pressed alone, nor when alt is pressed with the tab key.

I imagine that if I muted the function keys, then the spell-check message would just read without any key confirmation.

Just FYI and something to play with.  Smile.



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