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Rebecca Lineberger

I just went to Bard with Edge.  I closed Bard and opened Chrome.  The page was there.  I can understand why trying to track down a problem can be quite frustrating when it can’t be easily replicated.

And Windows is always changing things too, which only makes things more interesting.  Smile. 

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Rebecca, you may be on to something with the Edge connection. Although I haven’t yet used Edge, I’ve wondered if my forays to IE are involved with Chrome’s ceasing to work with JAWS.



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My Chrome disappeared again, after I’d maxed the screen.  I checked and the screen was still maxed.  I alt-f4-ed  out and came back in to Chrome.  Still gone.  I reloaded JAWS, without closing Chrome, and Chrome magically reappeared. This first started happening after Edge became accessible with JAWS, and in fact, this morning, I was reading an epub book in Edge.  Then I went to Chrome, and it was not there.   

When this first happened, months ago, I reported the issue to JAWS.  I did a JAWS repair, on the tech’s suggestion, but the problem still occurs.  Since then, on the suggestion of the tech, I’ve always brought in the updates from the website, so the program is starting from scratch, so to speak, not just being patched with the updates, if I am remembering correctly what the tech said.

MY disappearing Chrome is not consistent in when it disappears, though for me, I think, using Edge seems to cause it most often.

But I just opened and closed Edge, and then opened Chrome, and Chrome was quite happy. The fix for me, as I said, is just to reload JAWS.





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