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Alan Robbins <alan1057@...>

Interesting concept.

I have always just moved the  message to an existing email folder, or if necessary, create a new one if it does not fit within the category of already existing ones.

Always nice to read new ideas




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Thank you for teaching me something new.  Smile.  I save my messages right away—pressing f12 from either within or outside the message will bring up the save as dialogue.  I never knew that you could save multiple messages at once.  I don’t know that I would ever do this, since I don’t let mail accumulate, but I wish I’d known of this last summer when a friend was confronted by hundreds of messages in her Outlook in-box which she needed to deal with before closing her Outlook account. She finally had to read her accumulated mail, LOL, arrowing through the messages, reading and saving as needed.  Being able to save everything all at once would have left her with a very long file to slog through, but at least she would have had all the material.

The only comment I would make to your suggestions is that you don’t have to type the file path.  I just named the file, then shift-tabbed back to the list of folders in Documents, pressed enter on the one I wanted, then tabbed forward to choose the format I wanted and then to save.

This is the way it works in my Outlook 2010, and I assume it would apply to later versions of Outlook as well.

Being able to save selected messages by moving them into another folder might also be helpful in saving all comments in a particular thread.  There is also the old-fashioned way of just copying and pasting text from a message as you read it, and then adding to the material in Word or WordPad, say and saving the material that way. Windows has given us many ways of doing something—which is a good thing.  Smile.



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Hi, Tom.


I have an alternative method that uses most of your steps but that has a big advantage.


First, instead of keeping the message open, close it with escape and place focus against it in the message list.

Press alt-f for file, then a for “save as.”

In the initial field, type not only the name you want for the document, but also the path beginning with c:\ (assuming you’re saving it to the hard drive).

Now, as in your instructions, tab once to the file format list and arrow up or down to the format you want. I typically select .TXT.

Tab to save and press spacebar.


What is the advantage of this procedure? If you want to create a single text file for all the messages, say, in a folder, you can do so by first pressing control-a for “all.” Then the “alt-f, a” (for “save as”) will include all the messages you want saved into that single file.


To elaborate a little, suppose you don’t want to include all the messages in a file folder in that single text file, but only some. I create a new Outlook folder, then move the messages I want into that folder. Now I move focus to the new folder, press control-a, and continue from there.


Copying a series of messages into a single text file can be very useful. True, you’re stuck with all the headers, which is when your MS Word editing skills come into play.

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When an e-mail message you want to save is open, go to the file menu in Outlook, and arrow down to the Save As option.


When there, hit enter, and you will be put into the file name field.


Tab once, and you should find a file types option, where you can specify what format to save the file in.


I usually do either a .msg format, or a simple .txt format.


Then, go to your folder and file  list tree view, and specify where you would like the file to go.


I’m sure there are other ways to do this, but this is the process that works best for me.


Tom Behler



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Hi all.  Can anybody give me simple instructions on how to do this?  I can save attachments but don’t know the steps vfor saving messages outside the acturl program itself – say, in Documents.


Thanks, in advance, for any assistance.



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