Re: jaws setting and edge

Ron Kolesar

I too would deeply appreciate this information as well.
If we could make Edge as Blind friendly as what IE 11 is already is, I would seriously think about switching to Edge as my default browser instead of IE 11.
At least I thoroughly stress test edge out and follow the advice to those JAWS users who’s smarter than I am with setting up JAWS to work with Edge.
I mean all we want is a equal playing field that our sighted friends already have.
If this is the case, then they’d have to make Edge blind friendly since it is the new way to do things.
Just my two cents on this topic.

From: Holger Fiallo
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2018 21:31
Subject: [jaws-users] jaws setting and edge
Does anyone have specific setting for jaws that makes edge works much better? I mean configuration within jaws that will make the experience better and easy to use jaws.Using jaws 2018 and W10. Thanks.

Holger Fiallo

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