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Agreed However is not jaws issues mentioning all that thing? However still better than Chrome. I am noticing that when I do search many thing popp up such as tabs high show and so on.

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When working with edge you constantly here the this page has so many columns
and so many rolls.
It is a huge headache.
You do not hear that garbage while using IE11.
I mainly use IE 11 for surfing the internet and or taking the advance online
ham radio emergency communication courses that the county wants us now to
take since they'll be changing the frequencies in our areas for the home
based 911 scanners that we enjoy listening to.
So, Microsoft still needs to work the bugs out of edge and what I also don't
like is the mail app is as follows.
Even though Microsoft dropped tech support for WLM in March of either 2017
or 2018.
I still use it for my main mail package.
I've tried out look because it's suppose to be like WLM, but it is tricky.
At least to me.
A ms disability operator recommended that I go out to
And try out look from there.
I haven't had the chance to do that just yet with these courses that the
county wants us to take.
But what I like about WLM is the following two features.
1. You can set message rules and or also known as message filters.
So, say I get a letter about JAWS, it will go into the jaws mailbox and my
in box will not over flow with mail.
2. I have two mailboxes with sub mailboxes in them.
Still if I set a rule and or filter the modem and rotter will see the
address and still ship it to the correct mailbox.
I understand that you can do the sub mailboxes but you still can not do the
filters and or rules still not yet.
I've tried out the mail app twice, and had MS tech support link up with me
and install it both times.
The first time I had to roll the clock back and the second time I called and
had them uninstall the mail package.
So there is my opinion on the Mail app, even though I know several blind
people are enjoying the MS mail app.
But I'm going to stay with the WLM mail app until they finally get all of
the bugs worked out of the ms mail app.
Just my two cents on this topic.
Ron U.S. ham Radio Station KR3DOG-PA-WCECTM
Which stands for:
Pennsylvania West County Emergency Com-Tree Manager.

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