Re: Firefox 60 and 62 hangs with JAWS -- can we find out more about this problem?

JM Casey <crystallogic@...>

Hey Wayne.


I think those are two different things. An FS tech might do a tandem session if there is a problem. I wouldn’t really expect Mozilla to do this, but they do have an extensive troubleshooting/support page available from the help menu. Haven’t looked at it much yet though.





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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Firefox 60 and 62 hangs with JAWS -- can we find out more about this problem?


Where do you go for the Firefox support and tandom?




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Hello Sadam.


I haven’t yet reached out to firefox support, mostly because I want to see if others can verify that this problem is happening elsewhere, or if I can gather more data to give to them about why this is happening and under what circumstances.

Do you have a specific contact that I should get in touch with, or should I just write to whatever e-mail address is on the support page?


I just had the problem again while tabbing around on the facebook mobile site, but it actually seemed to be different this time; a general sluggishness of the browser that was causing my system to “lag”, which eventually had the same result – firefox not being accessible via JAWS virtual buffer, and not closable in the normal fashion. Once I did close FF, the system attained an acceptable response time once again.


I wonder if this is somehow similar to the memory hoggage and multiple instances spawning reported by people using Chrome?

I only saw one firefox instance running in process explorer, though.


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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Firefox 60 and 62 hangs with JAWS -- can we find out more about this problem?


Hi Casey,


I did just reinstall Firefox v60.


The support specialist actually did a remote tandem with me, and could not reproduce.


Have you reached out to Firefox support?


I was on a conference call with Jamie one of their lead accessibility managers on Wednesday night  and did mention it to him, but without being able to make the issue happen on command,   it's going to be bit tricky.


The VFO product expert  did suggest updating sound drivers.

Try that and write back to the list.


He also said I could try the public beta of JAWS 2019, but I understand that you don't have a SMA in place, so that's not an option.


Do check for sound driver updates as per his suggestion.


On 9/14/2018 9:40 AM, JM Casey wrote:

Hello Sadam.


Very curious.

Did you try uninstalling FF yet?

This is my first JAWS 2018 version, installed as of about four days ago, so I have no previous build of jFW to compare my experience to, since FF 57+ did not work with JAWS 18.


It is curious that I haven’t come across this issue with NVDA yet, if it is not specifically Jaws related.

Still testing that, I guess.


Also strange that the service representative can’t replicate our problem.



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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Firefox 60 and 62 hangs with JAWS -- can we find out more about this problem?



Yes, I am experiencing this issue, and I am currently emailing back and forth with a tech support rep from VFO.

For me exactly what you describe happens, I have not been able to glean a pattern thus far.

In the last thread, the support agent suggested I uninstall FF and evaluate things after a reinstall.

This problem has suddenly appeared, with the August JAWS patch.

It's really quite annoying and a hit to productivity, as both my bank and cell phone websites work really well with FF, and don't play so nice with Chrome.

The strange thing is if the support specialist is running the same production version of v60 then it should be reproducible.

No luck on that front.

I did do a JAWS repair, which didn't help. This would lead me to conclude that it's something at Firefox's end.

Try the uninstall method suggested above and write back to let us know how you go.


Sadam Ahmed

On 9/14/2018 8:00 AM, JM Casey wrote:

Hello everyone.


I’m using Windows 10 and the latest build of JAWS 2018.


As has been discussed extensively already, Firefox ESR has now moved to version 60, and the most current version of the browser is version 62, which I am now using. I have not noted much significant difference between versions 60 and 62, from an operational standpoint.


In general, Firefox Quantum works nicely with JAWS, and is fast and responsive; certainly much moreso than Internet Explorer. There is one issue however that I keep having, and I am posting to the list to try and figure out:

1.            If others are having the same problem.

2.            2. Can we glean more information about what is causing the problem, in order to see if it can get resolved.

3.            3. To whom do we report this issue – IE, is it a problem for Freedom Scientific to solve, or for Mozilla, or for both working in tandem – or is it, even, just a problem with my setup somehow.

Here is essentially what I have noticed. I have not, so far, been able to duplicate this problem with NVDA, but that doesn't mean it isn't happening there as well -- more input would definitely be welcome from others who use both screen-readers.


On some pages, Firefox itself seems to hang while I use JAWS to arrow through the page. I am trying to find a pattern in this and would appreciate some help. Both Firefox 60 and 62 seem to do this. So far I have noticed it on the mobile facebook site (once while arrowing around a youtube link), on Mozilla's own Firefox site (on the help/update and install page, right around the "use this download link" link, which I saw when I had Firefox 60 but which I don't see now that I have 62 -- however I was able to replicate this two or three times)

and on this blog:

The hangs themselves involve a brief period of Jaws unresponsiveness, followed by Firefox itself appearing to stop working. At this point the page can still be navigated, but links will not work, nor will commands like links or headings lists. if I alt-tab away and then come back to the browser, the virtual buffer/cursor will not be active and there appears to be no way to get it to come on. At this point, and also before alt-tabbing away, the Firefox menu bar will not function, and alt-f4 will not close the browser, so the only way to remove the FF window/process is through task manager.


So far, again, this only seems to happen while arrowing through a page, and (perhaps) particularly in an area where links appear. Unfortunately this is a method I use often as it lets me read as quickly or slowly as I wish and easily skim through material I find extraneous. On the Mozilla page, I noticed that I could still get to the "use this download link" link using the links list, but each time I tried reading the page and came across the link in its proper context (in the middle of a sentence, in this case), the hang would happen.


Does anyone have thoughts, ideas, notions....

Would be nice to see Firefox and accessibility working well in tandem. They seem dedicated to it and even though it has its obvious perks I would honestly still rather use FF than Chrome, most of the time, given the choice.


Yours sincerely, 
Sadam Ahmed 
JAWS certified, 2018  
FaceTime, iMessage & email  


Yours sincerely, 
Sadam Ahmed 
JAWS certified, 2018  
FaceTime, iMessage & email  

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