Re: please help/norton accessibility with jaws 2018?

Victor Gouveia

I was under the impression Security Essentials was renamed defender for Windows 10.
Am I incorrect?

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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] please help/norton accessibility with jaws 2018?



I thought that Microsoft had dropped Security Essentials several years ago and that it was incompatible with Windows 10.  Does your organization have a special contract with Microsoft, or is Microsoft Security Essentials really available to the general public today?



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Let me tell you about Microsoft Security Essentials;

I work for the State Of Nebraska, and that is the only protection it uses on all of its computers.

Microsoft won't say it's all you need, because they have had anti-trust suits for monopolizing.

I trust Security Essentials more than any other.

Also, Microsoft has a malware checker built in as well.

Just bring up the run window with Windows + R

and type in:


Which stands for

malicious-software removal tool


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Subject: [jaws-users] please help/norton accessibility with jaws 2018?


A friend is just about demanding I use Norton as it is free with my internet service. I have used it before and found it not only inaccessible as far as not being able to read their constant pop-ups, but it keeps popping up on the Web and, again, I can't read the reason why. Please someone, anyone who's used this program recently, set one of us straight regarding this. He wants to put it on my computers and thinks Internet Essentials is dangerous. Okay so if it's so dangerous is there another accessible program you use? And if I'm wrong about Norton, can someone tell me how to set it up so it just runs in the background and stops popping up and not allowing me to read what's on the screen? Using Windows 7 and Jaws 2018.


I appreciate your help.





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