Word 13 and Tables


Morning all.
Using Word 13, jaws 2018 and Windows 10 on a Dell laptop. I am trying to remove a table but keep the text and am having somewhat of an reacurring issue. After making sure I am in the table in question, I follow the following steps:
1) I press the jawskey with the number 3 above the alpha keys.
2) I press the alt and number 5 on the keypad.
3) I press the control x keys for cut.
This is where the problem comes in.
4) I go to the shift F10 applications combination to go to the table keep text option, and after a few seconds, I get the message for either closing the program, wait for the program to respond, or restart the program.
I thought it might be the size of the table itself, but have done the process for larger tables with no problem. Any suggestions/advice will be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

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