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Judy Jones

Hi there!


Nice idea, but that does not work on my laptop running Windows 10.  Nothing happens.



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Windows key-period or windows key-semicolon will open the emoji panel.

There are several categories to tab through.  The emoji are in grid form so you arrow up and down or sideways to view selections. If you’re looking for something specific, such as a smiling face, you can type smiling, and it will bring up those results.  Press enter on the one you want and it will be pasted into your message where your cursor is.😊 Or 👏.   

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Thanks so much.


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You turn on the number pad and use alt plus the numbers.

Smiley face is alt + 1.

You will get a character conflict message when sending one.

Just enter on

send it as is.




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Subject: [jaws-users] Emoji


Using jaws 2019 current, Windows 10 current, office 365 and outlook. How do I use emoji in outlook? I would like to add emoji when I send a mail. How do I do so?

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