Re: JAWS randomly adding 't' at the end of words


I've noticed this in the "to:" field of WLM when I am putting in a cell number for sending a text, if I stop filling it out hoping it will auto-fill the rest of the contact, it does not put the rest in, and there is a character like a P or T that I cannot find, so I delete it all and type out the entire thing.

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No, but let us try and narrow down the problem a bit.
You say JAWS adds these letters. DO you mean that the letters are not
actually present, but JAWS is making the hard "t" sound? If you look at
individual words, I take it, going character by character, there are no
extra letters.
What about synth? Could the synth be responsible for this? Try changing to a
different one and see if the problem persists.
Does this happen in all programmes? Only in documents you create? On web

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Subject: [jaws-users] JAWS randomly adding 't' at the end of words

JAWS randomly adds 't' following the final 's' of most words. Thus 'words"
becomes "wordst", "thus" becomes "thust", and "becomes" turns into
"becomest". Has anyone else experienced this?

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