Re: Free antivirus programs and Jaws.

JM Casey

I recommend persevering with malwarebytes despite a somewhat annoying interface. It’s certainly usable, if not the most accessible thing out there. The thing is, it is a really good programme and the people behind it really know their stuff. It has saved my butt on at least three or four occasions, or at least helped me deal with obnoxious unwanted crap on my system.

Only thing is, like many programmes of its type, you should always make sure you understand a little of what you are getting rid of, when it flags stuff. Sometimes it will flag something like a change you made to the registry (either manually or through some other programme) that you actually want to keep/is actually wanted. You have to understand what kind of stuff MB flags and why. For instance, I replaced my task manager with Process Explorer some time back. Malwarebytes thinks this is a potential hack and so offers to remove the registry change.


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What about for windows 7? Malware Bites doesn't seem real accessible but I do need a good spyware program.



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Subject: [jaws-users] Free antivirus programs and Jaws.


Are there any free antivirus programs out there that work reasonably well with Jaws?  Thanks a lot for the info.


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