Re: do you think this problem is a result of latest update or sound card issue


Hi Joanne,
Did you run the update through the Jaws prompt, or did you download the updater file and launch the file?
If the latter, did you run it as administrator?
If the former, try downloading the update file, run as administrator via the applications key, and try doing a repair, which will be an option.

From: joanne
Sent: Friday, August 16, 2019 9:48 AM
Subject: [jaws-users] do you think this problem is a result of latest update or sound card issue

I don't know how well I'll explain this but I'll try. It's rather complex and something I just haven't run across before; and too many times I've had to restart by using the button on computer because with Jaws acting this way I can't shut down or restart using Jaws. Not sure it is an issue with the latest update, but it started happening after installing it. I'll be doing just fine for awhile and then all of a sudden there'll be this pop-up from Jaws and no alt-tabbing will get me out of it. It says "this feature can only be used in tandem," and I'm not using tandem at the time and haven't used it in a long time. I attempt to restart Jaws and it says jaws 40 minute mode and that "this feature" message won't go away. It acts like the jaws key is locked by the way typed characters are shown. And it makes this click noise upon spacing. I can't restart it without this limited speech, so I use the button and it goes back to normal for awhile.
The reason I wonder if Jaws doesn't like the sound card anymore is I'm now afraid to play music while working with jaws because I don't know if the sound card doesn't like my doing 2 things at once and that's why that strange message. I did make sure "allow wave files" was checked but just don't know what's causing this craziness. I don't know if a restore will help. I'm very open to ideas.

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