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Hamit Campos

True this too. As for the new hard ware thing interesting you meantion this because I'd thought that this would practically would make the PC new again. Maybe not then I guess. I also wander how the talks between FS and Google are cause of the talkyness of JAWS and lack of saying important things. Interesting if you do use IE on youtube all is pretty much business as usual. Which makes me ask is there perhaps code in JAWS that is still 90s code than? Could it perhaps be time for a total make over for JAWS? Maybe this is for a new thread but JAWS does seem to still for my youtube experience at least does seem to favor IE. So maybe theere is still favoritism for older versions of Windows. I don't know. I never thought to ask Eric. This year on top of my not thinking of these things this way I couldn't make it to NFB convention.

On 8/14/2019 3:34 PM, Dale Heltzer wrote:

I agree that FS should devote more resource to fixing long-standing issues with points where JFW fumbles.

That being said, there is such a wide variety of ways pc configurations may differ, there is probably not just one fix to be made. Maybe it’s as bad analogy, but it’s a bit like in dividualized medicine.


Plus, I understand that Microsoft began in Windows 10 to use a different method for writing information to the screen. I don’t know how tight the communication is between MS & FS, but I’d would think FS would have made the needed updates already!

Which is all academic if you’re dealing with a pc that isn’t performing as well as it did in the past, despite paying for new HW and/or SW.


Just my 2 cents.



Dale E. Heltzer



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I am noticing that with the new jaws that came out lost focus is more regular. When jaws is going to fix this? When I used NVDA this was not a problem. I am sure that jaws who has more resources than NVDA can fix this. If this is not a jaws issue what it it? NVDA free and this is not an issue. I pay for jaws and if this a problem, I believe is time to address this. Hope someone who goes and ask questions to jaws can do about


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