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Hi Mike,

Is this everything only for a 64 bit computer, or will it work on a 32 bit one too?



Hi John,


Check out what's below and an explanation of the program is below Gerald's message.  Also Jaws accessible.

Try free Everything Search, which I have found to be a great little accessible file finder:


This small software application bypasses Windows search with a lightning quick interface and real-time results for all of the files and folders in your
local hard drive or any subsection of it. The software doesn't do much more than search, but its efficiency, effectiveness, stability, and low system resource
usage make it a keeper utility.


The software is split into two main controls: the search box and the results page. When you first run Everything, it will create an index of all the files
and folders on your machine. Unless you have millions of files, the index will be created before you know it. Searching is done in real time, as you type--i.e.
the search term "rad" returns 379 objects, "radio" returns 160, and "radiohead" returns 71, all instantly.


The results screen can display seven different fields: Name, Path, Size, Last Write Time, Creation Time, Last Access Time, and Attributes. Sorting by any
field takes a little longer than searching, but only slows down noticeably when you sort more than 1,000 results.


Everything also lets users connect to HTTP, FTP, or ETP (Everything Transfer Protocol) servers to allow remote searches, but its functionality is mostly
singular--searching your local PC very quickly with minimal resources, and it accomplishes that well. If you've never struggled with Windows search before,
you might pass Everything by; if your computer is a disorganized mess with files all over the place, Everything might be a wonderful gift.




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One of the things about windows-10 that is driving me crazy is searching my computer for a particular file or document. In windows-7, it was very simple to do this – go to the start menu and type your search term in the edit box. Windows would search your computer and show you a list of possible files or documents. Now when I do this I may see one document then a bunch of things on the Web that bing has helpfully found for me. I do not, repeat not, want to search the Web using this method and and I don’t want bing to do my searching. How do I go back to the days of yesteryear and just search my computer rather than seeing web choices?

Thanks. John

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