Re: Windows 10 pro and online video playback with Jaws

JM Casey

Doesn't really sound like the issue is related to JAWS at all? But, curious what you mean by saying that jfw "remains silent" you mean that it stops working?
What about other video content? Is it just the browsers that don't respond correctly to video streams? If yooutube plays but nothing else -- that's indeed quite an oddity.

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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this sounds like a tech support question. I'd ask where did you buy this or suggest finding the PC department of Porsche but they may not know of JAWS but yeah something's up there.

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So I can play online media on my HP Envy laptop running Windows 10 pro with Jaws 2019 either in Firefox or Google Chrome. However: I am unable to play the same on my Porsche Design Book1 running exactly the same OS and Jaws version save playing YouTube content. Jaws just remains silent when I press enter, do I need to install some sort of a plugin on the Porsche?

Many Thanks

Waqas H. Chauhdry

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