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Hi Jennie,
Below are steps for both Windows 7 and 10.  There are other ways, but these will getter done.
Windows 7:
1. Press the Windows key to open the Start menu.
2. Navigate to, Submenu Programs or All Programs, and press enter.
3. Navigate to, Microsoft Office, and press enter or right arrow to open.
4. Navigate down the list to,  Microsoft Word, and press the, application key, or, Shift + F10, to open the context menu.
5. Navigate to, SendTo, press enter, down arrow to, Desktop create shortcut, and press enter.  You'll now have a, Word, shortcut icon on the desktop.
Windows 10:
1. Press, Windows key + R, to open the Run dialogue, and type in what is below, read character by character, to make sure you type it correctly and press enter.
2. Type the letters, w o, to take you to Word.
3. Press the, applications key, or, Shift + F10, to open the context menu.
4. Up or Down arro to, Create shortcut, and press enter.  You'll get a dialogue stating that a shortcut can't be created here, and would you like to create a shortcut on the desktop instead?  Press the spacebar on the Yes button and wham bam your Word shortcut icon will be on the desktop.

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Hi all,

I have Word on my computer and I want to put it on the desktop. I know this may be for a Windows users list, but i thought I would as if there are any Jaws techniques that I can use to put the Word shortcut on my desktop.



Jenn and Kumi

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