Re: admin note-David is the man!

wayne smith

David, your rules are clear and some just won't play fair. They can start their own lists and leave the rest of us alone! We appreciate you and the other admins and are very grateful for this list. Those who insist on spamming the rest of us with endless repetition and complaints should go away. We learn so much from you guys! Thank you so much!


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From: David Ferrin
Sent: Aug 9, 2019 7:24 AM
Subject: [jaws-users] admin note

This is the last time I am going to see such behavior on any list I have a part of managing. The topic is locked if I did it correctly so there should not be any further discussion. The guidelines clearly state if you have a problem with Freedom Scientific then take it up with them directly.
Tell you what, if anybody doubts me on this go ahead and smart off back to me.

David Ferrin
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