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David Ferrin

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From: Joseph Machise
Sent: Thursday, August 8, 2019 7:35 PM
To: jaws-users-list@groups.io
Subject: [jaws-users] about Jaws and freedom scientific
about  Jaws and  freedom scientific,    Hi list, wait to you hear this one,
Well another friend had this come up after he added or went in to the jaws settings center,
he added some key strokes for the window eyes keyboard another words, you can add a windows strokes like in windoweyes in windoweyes you can add the hole keyboard or I think 1 keystroke at a time, and also there is in the tab you tab once and you can delete the key board, or the keystroke, unlike windoweyes, there is no delete key in the settings center or after tabbing around in there, when you add it there should be one and he worked on the computer for hours and hours.
So he finally called Freedom scientific he doesn't call that much, the customer person who he talked to was rude and flipid and was nasty, my point is that he told me, that she didn't want to tell him how to delete the keystroke, in case he needed to, he finely convinced her after arguing with her back and forth, and also after reinstalling windows10, with her snotty attitude, she said, well this is for very advanced users, and he had to tell her that he had been using computers for a very long time, here is what she said.
Well sir it is in the user settings jaws and then in the enu, this shows you how stupid and pigheaded freedom scientific is , and this is why there is always trouble with Jaws, and freedom scientific, once again is now in bankrupsey, I hope they go out of business, and a better company takes over, and redoes jaws, so it won't mess around with windows, Microsoft, should have never let freedom scientific, get under the hood, they should have done the same thing that apple did, keep a closed system, folks, if NVDA can do it why can't freedom scientific do the same thing, this is not a very good and reliable company, your thoughts please from Joseph.

David Ferrin
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