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After awhile of launching and exiting chrome during the day, I have a problem that chrome no longer opens my homepage but opens a new tab and I have it set to open with my homepage.  I hope google fixes that!


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Sure thing! Just go to the settings webpage and down arrow to three buttons. The third button says select page or pages. Press enter on that, and arrow down to the edit box, and just type in the Google web address. That is all I did to get Google to be my homepage, and start page. I really like Google to be my start page and home page as well. I like Google a lot, and don't use the search engine either. I hope that works, David Moore


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grate David, can you or someone help with getting my homepage in google chrome, so it will startup like in IE and firefox, don't want to go to the search engine, unless I do thanks a lot David from Joe, my friend will be happy to hear this about freedom scientific, i'm using windows7   

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yes, and when you listen to the fs casts they make it sound like Jaws is the only thing that keeps blind people working. They had someone on the last podcast bragging about how they can work for Disney all because of Jaws Larry gassman said that many more people would be unemployed if it was not for Jaws freedom scientific is lying to people and they make it sound like they are the only reason why any blind people have a job.
David Moore come on oh my God where's my job what the heck


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